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Spanish is the official language used by over 406 million people and over 60 million people opt to use Spanish as their second language while 20 million people use it as a foreign language. It’s so widely used that any patent which is registered is usually translated to Spanish too and that's exactly what we specialize, translating patents into Spanish!

Our strength lies in the following points:

·        understanding legal and technical jargon.

·        thorough knowledge of the intellectual property protection laws.

·        excellent quality native translators with the highest proficiency in the Spanish language.

·        very fast delivery of translations.

Latin American Patenting History

Even through Spanish and its popularity has remained intact through the centuries, the patenting laws and intellectual property protection has previously not been a point of focus in these countries. Even as late as the 1970’s, Latin America lacked robust patenting laws. Unlike Europe, South America’s Spanish speaking countries have not been considered as nations with very strict laws for conducting business. Other countries that have conducted business in the earlier decades of the 20th century, have not found confidence in the legal system that was prevalent in the region. The region had not developed enough to understand the importance of regulating the patenting policies. However, with the advent of the information age, there has been a dramatic change in the story.

Latin America is growing at a very fast pace. The industrial growth, economic growth and overall development in Latin American countries in particular are noteworthy. Now, Latin America has witnessed much growth in the area of intellectual property protection as well. Be it patents or trademarks or copyrights the countries of this region have gone to great lengths to bring discipline and flexibility into their IP protection laws. The patent trends have taken the intellectual world by storm.  

Latin America’s Changing Patent Scene

Today, we are living in a world which is dependent on each other for information. So, intellectual property protection laws are as important as the laws governing international trade and commerce. The region has been quick in recognizing the need of emerging businesses and is rapidly establishing IP ethical standards.

As the law makers, industrialists, people and thinkers of this region have come to appreciate the strength of information age, the region has now gone on to embrace intellectual property protection laws in a very aggressive fashion.  Some other observation in this regard have been made:

·         These reforms have brought in more applications from establishments and people abroad.

·         The region is now more in control of information that leaves or enters the region.

·         The economical impact has been enormous: nations such as Mexico and Brazil have seen IP protection policies contribute to the booming gross domestic product.

·         There has been a massive increase in research and development.

·         Foreign investment has increased in the last decade.

·         Sectors such as IT, pharmaceuticals and communication technology have seen an extraordinary boost due to the reforms in patenting laws.

·         The confidence in the international arena about the Latin American IP protection laws has increased since the patent reform have been put in place.

In essence since Latin American countries have embraced intellectual property protection law reforms, they have gone on to establish themselves as an important role player the global IP market. This has made the space stronger for business investment and research conditions which have been taken advantage of by countries such as China, USA, Russia and the European Union.

Our Role

Documents which have been written in English are widely translated to Spanish on an everyday basis all over the world. The numbers of patents that are translated into Spanish mainly due to the number of important Spanish speaking countries and developing markets. Our unique understanding of the region, language and the subject itself makes us the first choice for companies serious about protecting their global IP assets.

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