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The Translation Industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade, and the primary reason attributed to this development is without doubt, the galloping pace of globalization, which has provided a heavy impetus to the need of exchanging information across linguistic barriers. Accuracy is the crux of any good translation service, and as far as patent translation services are concerned, there are a considerable number of factors that you need to take into account before deciding to outsource your patent translation requirements to a service provider.

The Sensitivity of Patent Translation

To begin with, patents are highly sensitive legal documents with highly technical content, and  therefore, even the slightest misinterpretation, inadequate or improper flow of words can wreak havoc, and negate the very purpose of outsourcing the translation. As compared to regular literary translation, the chances of errors in case of patent translation are much higher because of the subtleties of the language employed in case of the content, the technical jargons use in the patent and the legal connotation that is undeniably involved here.

Why Automated Translation is Highly Inadequate

Translation Agencies have mushroomed in every major city of the world today, and even the internet is flooded with free translation tools ranging from Google Translate, Babylon, Bing and much more. The positive aspect about them is that using these automated translators is free, and the translation happens really fast. But even for general translation requirements, it has been repeatedly observed that online translation tools fall short of serving the purpose of providing accuracy of translation. This is precisely because the subtle nuances of translation, be it for sentence structures, phrases and so on, can never be sensed by a machine, and therefore, the translated version is most often found to be out of context.

Given the complex technical and legal terminology employed in case of patents, and the catastrophic effects of even a minute error in translating them, there can be no two opinions about the inadequacy of these online translation tools as far as Patent Translation is concerned. These automated services render a complete word-to-word translation of your document, without any understanding of the context in the first place. No matter how advanced your automated translation tool is, it can never match the translation provided by a legal expert, who is well versed with the technicalities of your patent. With so many different specialization requirements and genres of patents, depending upon an automated source for patent translation will definitely cause a sizeable amount of your content to be lost in translation, and you will have to re-do it all over again, making it an extremely futile exercise.

Entrusting Your Needs to Qualified Patent Attorneys

Switching over to the numerous translation agencies that make their services available for you, it is again very important to know why you must trust only patent attorneys instead of standard translation agencies, in order to translate your patents correctly, be it in the legal sense or in the technical context. Outsourcing one’s translation requirements is an expensive affair, and more often than not, time is the essence of every project. Opting for a regular translation agency would highly increase the risk of finding errors in the document, because their translators would not have the correct understanding of patents, as a patent attorney would have. Entrusting them with the task that they are not well-versed with, will prove to be a great loss of time and expenditure for your company.

When the translation of a patented document is concerned, a lot of sensitive information is being shared with the translator. Therefore, it becomes all the more necessary to ensure that your patent is in the right hands. Patent Attorneys or specialized patent translation agencies are aware of the fact that the content that they are entrusted with is highly sensitive and confidential, and therefore, they always ensure that they sign a non disclosure clause or agreement with your company before undertaking and executing such confidential translation projects. For all your patent translation requirements, always ensure that the patent attorney or specialized agency that you are dealing with agrees to sign a non disclosure clause or agreement with you and provide you with a copy as well.

Making the Right Choice

Whenever you want to seek the best patent translation services for your company, you need to do a thorough background check before actually deciding to outsource the work to them. This check includes finding out about their previous track-record, their years of experience, their past and present clients and their ability to adhere to deadlines and budgetary constraints.







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