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The progress of human science and technique has a cumulative nature. New discoveries are made thanks to earlier advances. One unlocked door opens the way to the next door. Many people around the world are working hard to make research in different areas of human knowledge in order to develop new products and techniques. From a more efficient engine for cars to the cure of cancer, investigation goals take a lot of time and effort to achieve. People involved put a lot of themselves in the process, they study and get prepared to lead an investigation that will hopefully result in the creation of something new.

Adding up to the human legacy

New creations of mankind are meant to be spread worldwide for everyone to learn about them and use them for their practical ends. Progress is not such if it is not on the reach of anyone. Scientifical and technical advance is based in the exchange of knowledge and technology. As it has been stated above, new creations rely on old creations. Perhaps a certain scientist has come up with a greener heating system in Istambul, and another scientist from Beijing learns about it, thinks of a way to improve it, and does so. The chain can go on forever. That is what progress is all about.

However, sharing creations with the world has one big risk: injustice. The ones who have developed certain ideas that nobody has come up with before, understandably have merit and should be rewarded for what they have done to achieve their goals. They should have rights over their own creations, at least for a certain period of time. If other people want to obtain benefits from these creations, they should compensate the creator in some way. It would not be fair that others obtain benefits from something that did not cost them any effort or work. These compensations usually come under the form of money and/or credits. Besides, the creator or creators of the product or idea should have the right to decide whether or not their creation can be used by certain people or in certain way.

In order to protect these rights, many countries have developed a system of laws -and institutions with the purpose of ensuring that they are properly respected- and a legal figure known as Intelectual Property.

Intelectual Property protection laws

The United Kingdom, as well as other many places in the world, has a legal system of Intelectual Property protection. Just as many other countries, this system includes a record of registered inventions with their descriptions and relevant informations -known as patents- as well as it provides services related to patent management. Any person who has invented a product or a process can obtain a patent for such invention, as long as it is a unique, original creation that has not been created before by anyone else. 

The process of patenting an idea is quite long and implies many steps. However, it is of significant worth for the beneficiary of such patent. Whoever intends to patent an idea, must follow a series of steps that include a lot of research and paperwork. Basically, the solicitant must describe to the detail his or her creation and ensure -and prove- that such creation is original and has never been made before.

Altough it is not technically necesarry, it is highly reccomendable for people who want to protect their ideas under the Intelectual Property protection law system, that they get a lawyer to advise them in the process.

Why get a Patent Attorney?

The legal process that patenting an invention involves is long and complex, with many issues with which people might not be very familiar with. It is extremely convenient to have a specialised lawyer to be a counselor in the whole process. Besides, in case that someone else claims to have come out with the same idea or invention first, a lawyer will know how to procede in defense of the inventor. 

Intelectual Property protection facilities are more often located in capital cities or main cities of different countries, just as many government facilities are. In the case of the United Kingdom, it is quite likely that you will have to go to London to procede with the paperwork, or better, hire a patent attorney london who is familiar with present Intelectual Property regulations and can lead the legal process with expertise and preventing any kind of setback that as in any legal process could come up the way, as much as possible. 

Uutech has offices in the UK and Latin America. We provide international protection for emerging markets in Latin America.

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