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Getty Images Extortion Scam Legal Letter Over Copyright Infringement

Highlighting Your Content with Interesting Images

As a business owner or a marketing manager, we put a lot of time and effort into finding the right image to compliment and highlight the content on our website. The number one way of finding images to use is by typing a few keywords into Google images and using the ones that are related to our subject matter. What many of us do not realize is that this simple action could cost us dearly. Simply because, we might use an image that legally belongs to someone else. If you do not own the copyright of an image or have not purchased a license for its use, you can get yourself in serious trouble.

The fact is that almost every image that is on the internet is protected by copyright law. It is an image that was either photographed, drawn or generated by someone and as such, that person owns the right to use it. Copyright laws work a bit different from other intellectual property laws in that a person is not required to register their copyright. As soon as an image is produced, the copyrights automatically belong to the creator. For example, if I were to take a picture of some beautiful animals running in the wild, the moment I took the photograph, the copyrights belong to me and if someone else were to use that image without my permissions, I can sue that person as long as I can prove that I did indeed took the photograph. 

Obtaining Images for Your Content Online

One of the largest providers of stock images for businesses and consumers online is Getty Images, Inc. This website has an archive with millions of illustrations and images and thousands of hours of stock film footage. The three main types of images that you can find at Getty Images is advertising, graphic designs, and other corporate marketing materials. Its entire collection is digitized and available online. If you need an image you can browse its website and then purchase the usage rights. You will then be allowed to download and use the image. The price of each imaged is determined based on the resolution and the type of rights you choose to buy.

Using Getty Images without Purchasing Them

Is it possible to use images from Getty Images without purchasing them? Yes, it is but there are consequences involved. Getty Images often sue people for copyright infringement due to the unauthorized use of online mages. Using their images without consent is illegal. Getty Images have absolutely every right to pursue content infringers for unfair use. That said, if you have received a letter from them you are most likely in serious trouble. In most cases, they will require you to pay them for the unauthorized use of the image. People are calling it the Getty Images Scam. So, what do you do if you receive a Getty Image letter? Well, the most obvious thing to do would be to pay them but are you just going to pay them without questioning the validity of their claim? Will you just pay any amount they say you need to pay because you used their images without permission? Isn’t there something that you can do in response to their claim? Well, maybe there isn’t because you don’t have sufficient knowledge and expertise in dealing with intellectual property claims but we certainly do and we can help you resolve your Getty Image situation for just a small deposit of 200 GBP. 

Did you know that there is intrinsic protection for the user of an image based on “fair use”? If you were to use an image on a website by discussing the image in details in your article, it may be considered fair use and in such cases, you may not be required to pay a thing to Getty Image. However, this is quite a specific matter that requires the right knowledge and expertise which only professionals like us who are knowledgeable knows how to identify and deal with such intricate matters. We will manage the entire situation for you and will either get you a 100% discount or less than under 85% of their claim. In cases where you might have already paid Getty Images, we can even get your money back. 

Please contact us today so that we can help you to deal with your Getty Images situation. We will need the following from you:

With the above information, we will study your case further and then contact Getty Image to further negotiate on your behalf. We will take care of your needs in every stage of the negotiation process to make sure that the situation is resolved as soon as possible with the least possible consequences. 


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  • Getty Images Extortion Scam Legal Letter Over Copyright Infringement
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