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Quick guide to Intellectual Property Rights!

Knowing your Intellectual Property Rights is the key to get an efficient protection and to ensuring novelty in your business. While there are several people on the prowl for plagiarism and idea lifting, you can always prove that your ideas are original if you understand the basics of Intellectual Property and strive to create the right strategies to protect them.

What is Intellectual Property?

Any creation of the mind is called Intellectual Property. This extends to any idea that is scientific, artistic or literary in nature.  Designs, symbols, images, poetry, images or original creations of an individual are all forms of Intellectual Property.

There is a wide legal system that is ready to protect your Intellectual Property through different legal figures and processes such as trademarks, patents and copyrights, which makes it possible to obtain financial benefits and even credits from your own creations.

The purpose of this IP system is to ensure a balance between the interests of innovators and the public interest, so that an environment that fosters creativity and innovation may be promoted.

It is possible to buy or sell your Intellectual Property like any other asset. Many times these intangible assets turn out to be a very (if not the most) valuable asset of the company. Hence this kind of value deserves to be protected.

How Does the Law Protect your Intellectual Property?

·         Copyrights: Protects the rights that people have on their artistic creations. Including all types of works from music, books, paintings, database, advertisements to maps can be protected by copyrights.

·         Trademark: This concept protects all symbols or a signs with distinctive capacity used to distinguish between the products and services of two different companies. This is similar to the mark or signature that craftsmen used on their works in ancient times.

·         Industrial Models and Designs: These refer to the aesthetic aspects and ornamentation of a given object. This includes 3D features or even 2D features.

·         Geographical Indications: If any object has a specific origin geographically and has characteristics pertaining to  that area of origin, then a geographical indication is given to provide recognition.  A geographic indication assures the place of origin of a particular object.

·         Patents: It is the exclusive right given to an invention that has within absolute novelty and may have ndustrial applicability. This exclusivity means that the creator decides how the invention may be used by others. In exchange for this exclusive rights, the technical information about the invention is provided in the application and then published and disclosed to the public.

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Strategies that You can Use to Protect your Intellectual Property


·         Secrecy: The first thing that you must ensure is that you only involve trusted individuals of an organization in the ideation process. Never make your idea a public knowledge until it is fully protected.

·         Document: Make sure you have documented the ideation process. Videotape your discussions or share emails that can later be provided as evidence for your original idea.

·         Register: With different forms of protection available under the law, you must make sure that your IP is registered right at the inception stage.


Your Intellectual Property is your exclusive right. Call us to make sure it is protected against all forms of misuse. 

Uutech has offices in the UK and Latin America. We provide international protection for emerging markets in Latin America.

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